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(Published date: 01/01/23)

First, please take a good look at the image above. These issues are extremely typical in antique watches and cannot be fixed no matter how well they are cleaned. Wear and tear of parts over time, damage from past inappropriate treatments, etc. If they are not repaired properly, even if they were once great machines of the past, their original performance will be far from what it should be.

I often hear the saying, 'Antique watches have an error of about 2 to 3 minutes per day, which is inevitable. That was the accuracy back then.' However, this is clearly a mistake, except for a very small number of extremely simple watches or old-fashioned escapement watches such as verge escapement watches. In lever escapement watches that are 100 years old or so, if there is an error of 3 minutes per day, it is not because it is an 'old watch,' but because it has not been repaired properly.

On the other hand, it is also very dangerous to think that 'maintenance is unnecessary because the watch is running well even though it has not been maintained for many years.

Even though the mineral oil used in watches has become of higher quality than before, it is inevitable that it will dry out and deteriorate a few years after oiling. When the oil deteriorates inside the machine, the resistance increases, and if the parts are not sufficiently lubricated and are moving in a state where wear is progressing, eventually extensive parts fabrication will be necessary.

Since our establishment, at Pastime, we have been restoring each antique watch to a working condition as close as possible to its original state, so that our customers can continue to use their precious watches comfortably for a long time.

Once an antique wristwatch or pocket watch has been repaired to a high degree, it has been proven that it can live much longer than humans and can be passed down to future generations as long as regular disassembly, cleaning, and adjustments are given.

If you want your valuable watch to be in proper condition and become a timepiece that can be inherited for generations to come, please do not hesitate to let us help you.

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