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(Published date: 11/16/22)

Hello, antique watch fans !

My name is Masa Nakajima.

Before anything else, let me introduce a short history of Masa’s Pastime.

In the spring of 1990, I opened up a small antique watch shop named Masa’s Junkyard in my home town, just outside of City of Tokyo .

There I started importing antique watches from the United States where I spent most of my twenties.

I sent those watches to the local watch repairer when they needed servise, and deliver them to my clients.

It worked pretty well for a while, but the problem soon arose.

All the watchmakers were already old at the time, and they soon started retiring one after another.

Consequently, it became really hard for me to deliver the watches smoothly.

I realized that I had to do something to overcome this problem, but there were not much choices.

Finally, I decided to learn watchmaking by myself.

I bought as many books and tools as possible and devoted myself into watchmaking night and day.

Although it was by no means easy, and there was so much I had to go through, it was never a pain and I had lot of fun.

By 1995, I had realized I was able to restore the watches of my shop, and it seemed I did not need outsourcing watchmakers anymore.

In 1998, after a talented fellow watchemaker(Katsu Iwata) joined, I moved the shop to Kichijoji closer to Tokyo.

There, Masa’s Junkyard was renamed to Masa’s Pastime, and we started accepting watch repairs from clients.

We had some more young watchmakers joined subsequently, and in 2004, we developed a product with new concept – a wrist watch that can be worn daily well beyond generations.

It was a custom made wrist watch – a steady antique pocket watch movement housed in modern waterproof case with sapphire crystals.

It has become a long run series ever since.


A skilled engraver(Kei Tujimoto) joined in 2007, and he started engraving dials, cases, movements and anything.

In the meanwhile, he acquired the technique of dial and case making, and started making bespoke dials and cases.

Masa’s Pastime was moved to the recent location in Kichijoji in 2009.

With the addition of more watchmakers and machinery, it’s been a home for antique watch lovers from all over the country and even from abroad.

We try all the best we can do.

For you, and for your watches.

Welcome to Masa’s Pastime.

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