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iEp-2156: P.H.Blondel  Quarter Repeater Swiss Pocket Watch

(Published date: 04/01/20)

A quarter repeater pocket watch made in Geneva, Switzerland in the late 18th century.

Instead of a "wire gong", it is equipped with a "bell striking repeater" mechanism in which the bell inside the case is struck with a hammer, producing a clearer and more resonant sound than a wire gong.

Press the pendant on the top of the watch to activate the repeater, and press the button on the bottom of the case for silent operation.

The entire case is decorated with delicate goldwork, and the cover release button is decorated with a large diamond.

The hand-carved hour and minute hands are luxuriously decorated with large diamonds.

The steel parts have a careful mirror finish, and the balance cock has detailed openwork.

Despite being over 200 years old, this watch is in perfect condition, and the gold-plated movement and solid gold case belie its age.

Guaranteed practical accuracy: within 3 minutes.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2156
Item NameQuarter Repeater Swiss Pocket Watch
Circalate 18th century
Jewels0 Jewels
SizeCase diameter: approx. 45mm Movement diameter: approx. 37mm
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Total Price(ASK(EMail Only))
Open sale04/01/20


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