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iEp-2215: David Gordon Dublin SUN&MOON Barge fusee Ireland Pocket Watch

(Published date: 04/14/21)
David Gordon Dublin SUN&MOON

A pocket watch with a verge escapement manufactured in the early 1700s by the Dublin-based clockmaker David Gordon in Ireland.

Featuring a rare SUN&MOON complication, displaying time using the sun and moon indicators.

The movement is adorned with an exquisitely detailed balance cock, showcasing intricate piercing work.

Elaborate engraving decorates the entire movement, including the pillars, creating a highly ornate design.

The inner case is made of silver.

The outer case base is silver, overlaid with luxurious tortoiseshell. Each rivet is meticulously crafted, showcasing intricate workmanship.

Despite nearly 300 years since its creation, the antique watch remains in excellent condition, with a movement, dial, and hands that show little signs of the passage of time.

Ideal for those seeking a real antique timepiece!

Practical accuracy guarantee: within 5 minutes of deviation.

Highly recommended for enthusiasts of genuine antique watches!

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2215
MakerDavid Gordon Dublin
Item NameSUN&MOON Barge fusee Ireland Pocket Watch
Jewels0 Jewels
WindingKey wind
SettingKey setting
SizeOuter case diameter: approx. 55mm Inner case diameter: approx. 46mm Movement diameter: approx. 42mm
CaseOuter case: Tortoiseshell Inner case: Silver
Item PriceJPY 1,500,000-
(Tax)JPY 150,000-
Total PriceJPY 1,650,000-
Open sale04/14/21


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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