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iEp-2224: L.LEROY&CIE Cartouche Dial French Pocket Watch

(Published date: 05/12/21)

A pocket watch with an 18-jewel gilt movement from the renowned French watchmaker Leroy, comparable to Breguet.

Despite its compact size with an outer diameter of 30mm and a movement diameter of 25mm, this timepiece exhibits the highest quality in its case, dial, and movement.

The standout feature is the gold guilloché dial, adorned with enamel numerals in various materials.

Noteworthy is the delicate hand-carved decoration on both the guilloché pattern and the spaces surrounding the numerals, presenting a special design.

The gold Louis hands showcase meticulous craftsmanship down to the finest details.

Housed in a winding case, this exquisite timepiece comes with a temperature-compensated bimetallic cut balance featuring gold screws on the balance wheel.

Despite its minuscule size, it carries a surprisingly substantial weight of 30g, showcasing impeccable condition.

Practical accuracy is guaranteed within 10 seconds per day.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2224
Item NameCartouche Dial French Pocket Watch
Jewels18 Jewels
WindingManual Winding
SettingNail Setting
SizeCase diameter approx. 30mm Movement diameter approx. 25mm
DialCartouche Dial & Guilloche
Open sale05/12/21


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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