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iEp-2246: CHARLES FASOLDT CO-AXIAL Pocket watch

(Published date: 08/25/21)

Introducing a rare pocket watch crafted by the German watchmaker CHARLES FASOLDT, featuring an 18-jewel CO-AXIAL escapement.

The timepiece boasts a unique and distinctive design of the pallet bridge, unparalleled and not commonly found elsewhere. Every steel component is meticulously polished to a mirror finish, showcasing a luxurious specification down to each screw.

The special-shaped regulator (index) is made of gold, and the watch is equipped with a Breguet-style hairspring, temperature-compensating cut balance, and all gold screws on the balance wheel, embodying a high-end and high-precision specification.

The original glass back bezel complements the solid 18-karat gold hunter case, resulting in an impressive total weight of 180g.

This top-tier timepiece is a testament to meticulous attention to detail and extravagance. Despite nearly 150 years since its manufacture, the dial, case, and movement remain in excellent condition.

Practical accuracy is guaranteed within 10 seconds per day.


Born in Dresden, Saxony, in 1819, Charles Fasoldt emigrated to the United States with his family, escaping a death sentence received during the 1848 revolution. He brought with him expertise in machinery and watchmaking. Settling in New York and later Albany, he not only manufactured high-end watches but also engaged in jewelry repair, crafting medical instruments, microscopes, and fishing reel production and sales.

Fasoldt secured numerous patents, including the distinctive-shaped regulator used in this watch, patented in 1864, and the escapement patented in 1859, followed by an improved escapement patent in 1865.

He passed away on May 13, 1889.

A brilliant engineer, Charles Fasoldt excelled not only in crafting high-end, high-precision timepieces but also in various fields.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2246
Item NameCO-AXIAL Pocket watch
Jewels18 Jewels
WindingMaunal winding
SettingKey Setting
SizeCase diameter approx. 54mm Movement diameter approx. 46mm Total weight 180g
Item Price(ASK(eMail Only))
Total Price(ASK(EMail Only))
Open sale08/25/21


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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