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iEp-2255: David Hubert Quarter Repeater Verge British Pocket Watch

(Published date: 10/28/20)

A quarter repeater pocket watch made by David Hubert, a Huguenot watchmaker in London, England.

This watch has a repeater function that can be activated by pressing the pendant on the top of the watch and muted by pressing the button on the bottom of the case.

This watch is equipped with a bell-strike repeater, and unlike a hammer striking a wire gong, the hammer strikes a bell inside the case, creating a unique resonant sound compared to traditional wire gongs.

What is noteworthy is the use of a striking case design that efficiently transmits the loud sound of the bell and captivates the listener.

The original sterling silver case follows the common design of the time, using the two-layer "pear case" design that was the mainstream for British watches at the time.

Beautiful engravings are carefully applied not only to the case, but also to the silver dust cover, movement, pillars, and other details.

The balance cock is not original, but was faithfully recreated by our metal engraver Tsujimoto based on historical materials.

The dial is silver and engraved with "Champreux" and the hour and minute hands are "Poker & Beetle" style.

A genuine antique clock from 300 years ago, both the case and movement are in perfect condition. Highly recommended as a collector's item.

Practical accuracy guarantee: error within 5 minutes.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2255
MakerDavid Hubert
Item NameQuarter Repeater Verge British Pocket Watch
Jewels0 Jewels
SizeOuter case approx. 58mm Inner case approx. 49mm Movement approx. 42mm
Item PriceJPY 3,000,000-
(Tax)JPY 300,000-
Total PriceJPY 3,300,000-
Open sale10/28/20


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