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iEp-2283: PATEK PHILIPPE   pocket watch

(Published date: 09/25/22)

This pocket watch from "Patek Philippe & Co," manufactured around 1873 and sold in 1898 at the jewelry store "E.SCHURMANN & Co" in Frankfurt, Germany, possesses several distinctive features:

PATEK PHILIPPE & Co. engraving on the inner lid, a characteristic of the company's early watches, often lacking inscriptions on the dial or movement but featuring them on the inside of case lids.

Equipped with a wolf's tooth winding wheel and a winding-stop mechanism in a luxurious hunting case.

The gold train of wheels on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wheels, enhancing the brilliance of the movement.

Meticulous mirror polishing on the mustache anchor, gong base, and anchor's stone securing steel plate, showcasing the craftsmanship.

Bimetallic cut compensation balance wheel with a temperature adjustment function.

Elegant blue steel hands and a Roman numeral dial, presenting a simple and refined appearance.

The condition of the dial, movement, and Patek original 18K gold case is exceptionally good, with a total weight of 114g.

Crafted over 140 years ago through meticulous workmanship, this high-end timepiece boasts a delicately beautiful design.

The watch is accompanied by its original jeweler's marked box and the contemporaneous guarantee.

Delivery is guaranteed with a practical accuracy of within 15 seconds.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2283
Item Namepocket watch
Jewels19 Jewels
WindingManual winding
SettingCrown setting
SizeCase diameter approx. 50mm Movement diameter approx. 43mm Total weight approx. 114g
Item PriceJPY 2,500,000-
(Tax)JPY 250,000-
Total PriceJPY 2,750,000-
Open sale09/25/22


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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