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iEp-2287: VIEL ROBIN  Quarter repeater ruby cylinder French pocket watch

(Published date: 11/09/22)

Typical French watch from the early 19th century  

Very rare small ruby cylinder with quarter repeater, case diameter approx. 40 mm, movement diameter approx. 35 mm.

Normally designed not to look like a repeater watch at all, but when the oval button at the top of the pendant is pulled up and rotated 90 degrees and then pushed in, the repeater is activated, a stylish watch

A ruby cylinder is a type of cylinder in which semicircular ruby parts are assembled in grooves machined into the steel body, whereas the body of a normal cylinder is a pipe-shaped piece of steel.

In a normal cylinder, the steel or brass gangue wheel rubs against the steel tenzin body, but in a ruby cylinder, it is the mirror-finished ruby that rubs against the gangue teeth.

Naturally, the durability of the ruby cylinder is improved compared to that of a normal cylinder, in which metal rubs against metal, and the accuracy is also expected to be improved due to the reduction of operating resistance.

Equipped with a high-end barrel with a winding stopper

The repeating hammers and other metal parts are mirror-finished with the utmost care and luxury.

The combination of the guilloche dial and Breguet hands, typical of French watches, is very elegant.

The numerals, guilloche engraving, and dial components are all handmade, and there are very few of these in existence!

Although about 200 years old, the interior and exterior are in very good condition!

This is a really cute watch!

The watch is delivered with a guaranteed practical accuracy of within 60 seconds per day.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2287
Item NameQuarter repeater ruby cylinder French pocket watch
CircaEarly 19th century
Jewels10 Jewels
WindingKey wind
SettingKey setting
SizeCase diameter: approx. 40 mm Movement diameter: approx. 35 mm Thickness: approx. 9.5 mm
Dialsilver Guilloche
Open sale11/09/22


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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