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iEp-2288: CAILLIAUD AINÉ  Quarter repeater cylinder French pocket watch

(Published date: 11/09/22)

French quarter repeater cylinder pocket watch typical of the early 19th century

The repeater is operated by pushing in the pendant.

Very carefully mirror-finished repeating hammers and repeater actuating parts under the dial

Free standing barrel with winding stopper

The bearing of the balance is equipped with a "parachute suspension," the original anti-seismic device invented by Breguet, to reduce damage to the balance caused by shocks.

In addition, the indexes of the slow and fast hands are of bimetallic construction (brass and steel) and move spontaneously in a direction that offsets changes in step rate caused by changes in temperature.

Although nearly 200 years have passed since its manufacture, the silver case and dial are in excellent condition!

Guaranteed practical accuracy within 60 seconds per day

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2288
Item NameQuarter repeater cylinder French pocket watch
CircaEarly 19th century
Jewels6 Jewels
WindingKey wind
SettingKey setting
SizeCase diameter approx. 55mm Movement diameter approx. 47mm
DialSilver Guilloche
Item PriceJPY 980,000-
(Tax)JPY 98,000-
Total PriceJPY 1,078,000-
Open sale11/09/22


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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