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iEp-2290: Ferdinand Berthoud Quarter repeater French pocket watch

(Published date: 11/09/22)

Ferdinand Berthoud was a prominent 18th-century French watchmaker, designated as the "Clockmaker to the French King and the Navy." Abraham Louis Breguet, born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, was his fellow countryman and senior.

During Breguet's debut period, the field of marine chronometers boasted illustrious figures such as Thomas Earnshaw, John Arnold, and Pierre Le Roy. Ferdinand Berthoud not only reached their level but significantly contributed to the advancement of modern chronometers. Throughout most of his life, he functioned as a horological pioneer and experimenter.

This particular timepiece is a precious pocket watch created during Ferdinand Berthoud's lifetime:

Features a chain-driven fusee and a 1/4-repeating mechanism.

The pendant, when pressed, activates a hammer within the movement, striking a bell securely fastened to the case back, producing a charming sound.

Other notable details include:

Hand-painted enamel miniature portraits.

Bordeaux-colored bas-relief with guilloché engraving as a base.

Diamonds meticulously placed from various points on the case to the dial.

Exceptionally intricate craftsmanship in the case, movement, dial, and hands, with the overall condition being exceptionally well-maintained.

This timepiece can be confidently described as a historical masterpiece worthy of a museum.

Practical performance is guaranteed with an accuracy of within 3 minutes.

Item Information
Item NoiEp-2290
MakerFerdinand Berthoud
Item NameQuarter repeater French pocket watch
Jewels1 Jewels
WindingKey wind
SettingKey setting
SizeCase approx. 40mm, Movement approx. 32mm
CaseSolid gold enamel case
Item Price(ASK(eMail Only))
Total Price(ASK(EMail Only))
Open sale11/09/22


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