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iWo-2305: Hamilton Watch Co. 983 Shakudō Customizes wristwatch

(Published date: 05/01/23)

‘Shakudo’ which has been used for handicrafts since the Heian period, is an alloy of copper and pure gold.

The traditional technique of blackening shakudo by boiling it with several different chemicals is used to create this fully waterproof case, which is equipped with a HAMILTON 983 movement.

The front and back windshields are made of sapphire crystal.

Practical accuracy guarantee; within 20 seconds per day.

Shakudo is a very interesting metal when it’s covered with black coating by boiling treatment with some acid.

Even if the coating wears at where it continuously rubs, like the edge of lugs and crowns, it will revive by itself by leaving it unused for a while, say a month or two.

That’s why 500 year-old Japanese Shakudo sword fitting made in this way still have the same appearance today.

We are the first and the only watch laboratory making wrist watch case with Shakudo, and I do hope you would love it forever.

Item Information
Item NoiWo-2305
MakerHamilton Watch Co.
Item Name983 Shakudō Customizes wristwatch
Jewels17 Jewels
SizeCase 36mm
Open sale05/01/23


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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