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iWo-2328: Elgin National Watch Co. G167 Custom wristwatch

(Published date: 11/29/23)

The "Grade 167," an exceptionally rare 0-size movement from ELGIN, a manufacturer renowned for producing numerous movements, especially stands out from the late 19th century.

The unique form of the escapement plate, characteristic of 19th-century movements, is adorned with ELGIN's signature dazzling damaskeening pattern. Furthermore, intricate hand-engraved decorative letters and floral motifs enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Equipped with a temperature-compensating bimetallic balance, this movement showcases a meticulously polished full gold train, including the rim and spokes. The plate for the pallet fork and balance wheel features gold accents, demonstrating a lavish specification that involves significant manual labor and cost, despite its 0-size.

A truly rare and precious movement, not often encountered!

While many reborn watches are not waterproof, our custom watches boast a complete waterproof design. Thus, you can use them without concern for rain or sweat.

Practical accuracy guarantee: within ±30 seconds.

Item Information
Item NoiWo-2328
MakerElgin National Watch Co.
Item NameG167 Custom wristwatch
Jewels16 Jewels
WindingManual winding
SettingCrown setting
SizeCase size: approx. 36 mm in diameter excluding the crown and lugs, and approx. 12.5 mm in thickness (including the glass)
Open sale11/29/23


We guarantee our watches for 2 years.(Excluding man-made failures)

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