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Notice of suspension of orders for customization and custom-made cases
(Published date: 05/18/24)
We have released our original watches, "Nagi" and "Sohkoku." (Total of 10 pieces all together ).
(Published date: 05/09/24)
We were featured in "The New York Times" on February 14, 2024.
(Published date: 02/15/24)
(公開日: 2023/12/22)

NOTICE:This article written in Japanese.

NAYUTA Model オリジナルウォッチのお申込みありがとうございました。
(公開日: 2023/09/29)

NOTICE:This article written in Japanese.

We have begun accepting lottery applications for 'Nayuta Model A&B' starting today at 12:00 PM.
(Published date: 09/21/23)
Announcement of Price Revision for Our Products and Repair Fees
(Published date: 05/01/23)